You Are Loved Gift Box Series:

Encouragement Cupcakes + Chocolate Gems Gift Box



You are Loved, Valued, Beautiful & Strong.

Know someone who needs to hear this or need to be loved on today? Send over a "You Are Loved Gift Set" Today!

The heart behind our #youareloved cupcakes & chocolate gems series is to remind each and everyone of you that you're a gem & you are loved. No matter what journey or season of life you are in, someone out there is cheering you on.

Beautifully designed with custom piped buttercream on freshly baked premium cupcakes, chocolate gems (white or dark chocolate) & a rose gold foil encouragement card - all packed in a lovely gift box.

Include your love note for FOC too!

Specially handcrafted by passionate bakers & artisans for your love one.
You are Loved Cupcakes + Chocolate Gems + Rose Gold Foil Cards Gift Box is selling at RM85

What Our Customers Say About Cupcake + Chocolate Gems Gift Box

    Farah ★★★★★ Venetia ★★★★★ Victor Cheow ★★★★★Victoria Robbins ★★★★★Salleh ★★★★★Jeffrey Tan ★★★★★
  • Bought this for my dad! He loved the tea & cupcakes ! The cupcakes tasted superb, each with their individual taste & flavour and it paired so well with the teas!
    Farah ★★★★★
    Disclaimer: Results may vary from person to person
  • Bought this for my sister, she loved the cupcakes & gift box! Thanks again!
    Venetia ★★★★★
  • I chose this gift box set as it has got flowers, cupcakes, helium balloons & a note to include. Thus far the most complete set of gift I can get online from one place. Great service & quality products, very reasonable price for what they offer.
    Victor Cheow ★★★★★
  • Bought Cake Saloon's cupcakes + flower gift box for my employer during her birthday. Presentation wise was perfect, love how the note was attached to the helium balloons. Flowers were beautiful , and she mentioned cupcakes tasted heavenly.  Priced is very affordable, service was great as usual!  Thanks Charlene & Sonia!

    Victoria Robbins ★★★★★
  • Ordered Cake Saloon's gift box for my wife during our anniversary, was the perfect gift for her - she loved the cupcakes as well!  Thank you for making us a memorable experience especially for our anniversary. Price is more affordable with what they offer compared to other shops. Thanks again.  
    Salleh ★★★★★
  • My girlfriend was very surprised when she received the gift box as she had no idea what was inside. She loved the flowers & cupcakes very much. Thank you for the beautiful arrangement, will order again.
    Jeffrey Tan ★★★★★

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