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Your wedding day can be the most amazing day of your life. Dressed like a princess, you get to enjoy the company of all of your family and friends while spending the day in a beautifully decorated venue with your handsome prince. What could possibly make this day any better? In a word – dessert! Wedding dessert table at weddings is a new trend that is sure to be a hit with your wedding guests.

A dessert table is a collection of scrumptious desserts for your guests to enjoy, in addition to the wedding cake. With a wedding dessert table, you are not limited to just cake, but you can have multiple types and flavors of confections that are sure to keep all of your guests happy. So how can you create your own wedding dessert table?


Choose Your Wedding Dessert Table Design

The first step in creating your dream wedding dessert table is to come up with a list of desserts you would like to serve to your guests.

Choose at least five different types of dessert or candies, but more is preferred. When narrowing down your list of desserts, be sure to choose a large variety to cater to the tastes of everyone in your party.

Choose desserts and candies with different shapes, textures, flavors. Remember that each serving needs to be somewhat portable and easy to eat, as your guests will most likely be mingling while they eat. The variety of dessert is what sets your wedding apart from other weddings that only serve cake, so make your selections carefully.

Create Your Display

The presentation is everything with a dessert table. Keep in mind that the wedding cake will typically be the center focal point of the table, so be sure it will fit into your overall table design. Select dishes that are different from each other, but have similar elements to tie the look together. Choose dishes that have:

-Varying heights
-Different shapes
-Different colors, but ones that fit well into your overall design plan
-Multiple textures

Being particular about your dishes will add interest and give your dessert table a professional look. While it does not have to look symmetrical, it should look balanced.

dessert-table-kuala lumpur

Hire a Professional

There are so many details to remember when planning your wedding. If creating a dessert or candy table sounds too overwhelming for you, consider hiring a professional to do it, like the experts at Cake Saloon. They can create a dessert table for your wedding so beautiful you may not want to eat it! They also specialize in custom wedding cakes and cupcakes to make sure you have the perfect cake for your wedding day celebration.

Your wedding is the most wonderful day of your life. Make it a wedding that all of your guests are sure to remember. Get a wedding dessert table or a candy buffet style for your wedding and ensure that every guest feels special on your special day.

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Wedding Dessert Table

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