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wedding cupcakes malaysia


Modern brides and grooms look for ways to stand out. Rather than go with traditional cakes for their receptions, many prefer to serve wedding cupcakes for a number of reasons. The following list serves as proof that Cake Saloon’s wedding cupcakes are every bit as special as our wedding cakes. Use it as a guide to finalize your decision.

The case for wedding cupcakes is very strong. Here’s why you should considering ordering a batch from us for your wedding reception.

Wedding Cupcakes Cut Down on Waste

Cupcakes allow you to cut down on waste because the last thing a newly married couple wants to think about after saying “I do,” is where to put the remainder of the cake they bought for their big day. Considered the perfect size, the sweet treats complement wedding food by serving as dessert or wedding favors. You can serve cupcakes by themselves with punch or other beverages, or wait until after everyone has eaten a meal. Either way, people look forward to eating a delicious cupcake.

Cupcakes Fit Your Theme

We love creative themes! If you have something in mind for the top of your cupcakes, we welcome you to share your ideas with us. Imagine your guests’ surprise when they take a look at your fun and quirky cupcakes. They’ll wonder why they hadn’t thought of ordering the small cakes themselves for their own wedding.



Cupcakes Allow You to Express Yourself 

Consider each cupcake that we make you an extension of you and your significant other. That means that you get to choose what flavors you want to serve, how many cupcakes you order, how ornate or simple they are. More importantly, you get to make the dessert an important part of your wedding reception. Everyone gets their own cupcake which they can choose to eat now or save for later.Cupcakes Don’t Require Plates and CutleryCupcakes come in their own pretty liners meaning that all your guests need to enjoy them is their hands and a napkin. Moist and decadent, wedding cupcakes don’t have to be cut into pieces or eaten with a fork. That means that someone can pass out dessert after the meal concludes, or everyone can go up to the dessert table and grab their own cupcake from the stand or platter.

Cupcakes Make Clean-Up Quick and Easy

Cupcake liners take up very little space in trash cans making clean-up take half the time it would if there were several full bags of trash to take out. Although someone else is likely to pick things up for you and your spouse after your reception ends, you’ll make their job even easier with your decision to serve wedding cupcakes. They’ll appreciate the gesture and you’ll rest assured knowing that the venue was restored to its original state before going on your honeymoon.If you haven’t yet decided on whether to serve a wedding cake or wedding cupcakes, rest assured that Cake Saloon serves both. That means you have options when it comes to your wedding day. After reading the advantages of serving cupcakes at your reception, one thing is certain. You’ll be able to cut down on waste and save time cleaning up when you serve individual desserts rather than full slices of cake.For those of you looking for a full custom wedding cake or wedding dessert table option, we can cater to that too!

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Wedding Cupcakes

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