Naked Wedding Cake Malaysia

If the wedding cake didn’t matter at the reception for the bride and groom, then the age-old tradition would have disappeared by now.

Cake Deserves its Special Role In The Wedding
The wedding cake is an essential symbol for the nuptials and has remained that way throughout history. It’s not known exactly when the first celebratory cake appeared, but the tradition supposedly took place in ancient Rome, where unsweetened bread was broken over the bride’s head for the couple’s good fortune. Shares Sentimental Family Baking Roots
Today, wedding cakes offer many sweet, delicious and creative options for the future bride and groom. One of these gorgeous trends features the naked wedding cake, and I make this stunning cake available to my clients here at, a family-run business of cake entrepreneurs based in KL, Malaysia.

Growing up, my sister and I watched our mother’s exquisite baking talents, and we couldn’t resist continuing this exciting world of beautifully created baked goods.

What Exactly Does A Naked Cake Wear To A Wedding?
Let’s talk about the naked wedding cake without blushing. Here at, I can promise you that we use only the freshest premium ingredients available. In simplest terms, the naked nuptials cake is a pared down version of the traditional, white icing cakes we’ve seen for decades.

The naked kind allows for the texture of the cake and the colors inside to show off on the outside. That means, there’s minimal frosting on the cake’s exterior.

You Decide How Stripped Down Your Cake Will Be
A naked wedding cake made by our creative experts at Cake Saloon is adorned with roses and a variety of other flowers, fruits, chocolate chips, pretzels or even cookie crumbs.

Whatever the bride and groom desire, I guarantee our bakery will deliver the ultimate sweet and glamorous custom cake and cupcake services for your wedding event. My bakery also provides sinfully delicious candy buffet and dessert tables.

We have many fresh flavors, textures and ideas just waiting to be added to your unique wedding cake. I’m excited to build the perfect wedding cake of your dreams.


More Wedding Cake Trends Served Up Here With Style
Modern brides and grooms have also given their approval to the rustic wedding cake. Imagine a cake featuring countryside confections with inspirations from nature. I take great pride creating superb-looking wedding cakes with fabulous details, like decorating with pretty greenery, vines, autumn fruits or flowers.

Some couples are also choosing another favorite, fresh flower wedding cakes. I can adorn your special cake with a lovely array of real flowers, which makes these cakes so apropos for outdoor garden nuptials or a vintage wedding. This cake is like an elegant work of art that we are highly skilled at creating.

Let’s be honest, your wedding cake is important to your memorable day. Cake Saloon has the passion, aesthetic genius and time to bake it personally for you! So drop us a message today, we can’t wait to whip up your wedding cake !

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