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We think outside of the box to create your dream engagement cake. Admittedly, a significant part of the preparations of an engagement includes the engagement cake. Your guests will remember the elegant and exquisite cake most about your event.

We understand that engagement is a very special occasion in one’s life and therefore we work hard to ensure that it is a special experience for you and your partner. We will work with you to exceed your expectations and match the engagement party theme to make your wishes come true.

Designing the Cakenaked-wedding-cake-malaysia-2

If you look at the bakery options for the engagement cake, you will find out that there are many options, but at our bakery, we will create a cake that perfectly expresses what you want. The possibilities of cake flavors and combinations are endless.

These days, people rarely just order a white vanilla cake, unless that is their favorite flavor.

We offer different cake flavors including, but not limited to Belgium chocolate, chocolate ganache, coffee cake, devil’s food chocolate cake, and vanilla bean cake, vanilla butter cake.

Some of your buttercream choices include Callebaut Belgium chocolate, egg white buttercream, and old school vanilla bean buttercream. Buttercream cakes are delicious and have a wonderful flavor.

Making the Final Choice

Regardless, of which design or style you go with, we can assure you it will be beautiful and delicious. Our cake mavens will collaborate with you to help you select the perfect size, the right colors and designs, and answer any questions you may have.

You can dream it and we can make it. If you need suggestions, we can set up a consultation to personalize your experience with us. Prior to creating the cake, we will provide you with a price quote, so you can know exactly what to expect.


What We Do

Our Cake Saloon is a bespoke custom cake specialist company based in Kuala Lumpur. We can customize buttercream cakes and cupcakes with a special individualized touch. We do not compromise on quality.

We make sure to keep our cakes, fresh using only high quality ingredients to bake the cakes, in fact, 70% of our ingredients are from internationally source suppliers.

The perfect recipe needs the perfect ingredients and we will use only the finest and freshest ingredients.

Our cakes do not only look good, but taste decadent as well, unlike anything anyone has tasted! We make cakes for every occasion, such as for bridal showers, baby showers, baby full moons, birthday celebrations, engagement parties and weddings.

Why Choose Us

Ultimately, the choice is yours, engagement cakes are for a special occasion and therefore we want to go the extra mile to ensure that the occasion is indeed memorable for you and your partner. 10 years down the line, you are very likely going to remember how delicious and lovely the cake was, and we can help with that!

Special occasions are cherished forever and we want your cake to be memorable. We just want to hear our clients say it is exactly what I wanted and delicious.


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