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Creating a Stunning Dessert Table


Creating a Stunning Dessert Table

Dessert tables are becoming more and more popular every year. And, why is that? Well, a dessert table, also popularly known as candy bar or candy buffet, not only provides a seemingly endless flow of well-loved treats but it also adds a stunning accent to any party. On top of that, it can also prove to be cost effective especially if done right. So, how do you create a fabulous dessert table for your party? Here are some tips to guide you in making your own appetizing dessert table.

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  • Consider a theme.

Similar to party planning, you would want to be guided by a theme that will complement your party. It is also very important to integrate the right colors as well as the right elements to ensure that the candy bar or dessert table will match well with your overall party theme.  Once the theme is settled, you can start by browsing for possible containers for the desserts. You can start looking for décor elements such as cupcake toppers, buntings, flowers (paper, plastic, or real ones), and the likes. Everything at this point does not need to be super fancy as you can just DIY things.



  • Let’s talk about décor elements more!

Since decors have been brought to discussion, let us delve into it more. If you would try to leave out decors, your dessert table would look like a heap of plain mixed desserts. The candy buffet table would look bare and scrubby without all the nice and nifty décor elements. Dessert tables are famed for their visually appealing appearances, so better not leave out the décor elements from your plans. So, what décor elements would best suit your themed dessert table? While there are many possible décor elements to include in your candy bar, you will never go wrong with some flowers, toppers, and buntings. You just have to remember a couple of things when adding décor elements in your dessert tables. One, make sure the color matches the theme and two, the decors do not overcrowd or clutter the table. The main focus of the dessert table are the desserts and the décors are there to accentuate the overall look of the table.


  • Height matters, too.

Candy buffet tables and other dessert tables for that matter also rely on the placement height of the desserts in the table. This is a key point that you should not forget when setting up your dessert table. With the right height, a plain dessert table will look more crafty and fun. To achieve some height in your dessert table, you should make use of containers or jars of different heights. You can also use cake stands to highlight some desserts in your table. Moreover, you can also use sturdy boxes or crates that will serve as stands for your desserts. Just make certain to use some cloth to cover them up in case they do not match with your theme.


  • Backdrops may be needed as well.

Unless you have a beautiful garden or wall that will match your theme, you may also want to consider using backdrops. Though this is really optional, backdrops could serve a lot of purpose than just covering up the wall. With a backdrop, you can heighten the attractiveness of your dessert table. What is also good about backdrops is that they do not really need to be expensive since you can use different things like garlands, photo wall, balloons, and even fabric. You can also use giant paper flowers or buntings placed across the wall for a festive look. Additionally, you can use backdrops to inform your guests about some party details like age of the birthday celebrant, name of the bride or groom, theme of the party, and the likes.


  • Inform your guests well, use name cards.

Name cards are additional touches that you can use to create a creative and stunning dessert table. Name cards will help your guests know what that tasty dessert in the mason jar is or what that beautiful looking pastry on top of the cake stand is. You can purchase different name cards from party shops or you can also create them using simple stickers.


  • Finally, the main star of your dessert table – desserts!

Obviously, let us not forget the desserts. Since you have everything settled, all you need to do now is select your favorite desserts so you can fill in your dessert containers and jars. Sometimes your desserts could also depend on what party type you are having. If you are having a wedding party, you might want to settle with wedding desserts and pastries. If your party is a children’s birthday party, you might want to settle with kids’ favorites like donuts, chocolates, cupcakes, and cookies to name a few.


Planning for your dessert table or candy buffet could be really fun. However, if you are pressed for time, but still want to have a candy bar in your party, you might want to consider our assistance at Cake Saloon ( We offer custom cupcakes and cakes as well as dessert tables for any kind of event. We will do the hard work of creating a stunning dessert table for you so you can focus on the other details of your party. Here at Cake Saloon, we can work on any theme, we can deliver the exact dessert table that you want, and if you are overwhelmed with the many dessert table ideas that you see, we can also provide some suggestions for your event. Don’t hesitate to ask us any time!

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