Bridal Shower Cake Malaysia

A Great Cake for the Bride to be

The cake is the star of any bridal shower, serving as both a centerpiece for a prettily decorated table as well as a delicious dessert for after the buffet. Swirled with delicate flowers, topped with quirky cartoon figurines or sprinkled with silver fairy dust, we can make the perfect bridal shower cake that makes a lasting impression on your guests. And of course your cake will also taste fantastic!
Bridal shower cake


Unique Bridal Shower Cake Decorations

At Cake Saloon, we bake and decorate unique, customized cakes from high quality ingredients for all occasions. When you order a custom cake from us, we will work with you on every detail to ensure that you get exactly what you want. Whether you have a precise mental image of what you hope for, or you have no idea where to start, we will help you create a magical bridal shower cake that looks as amazing as it tastes.

bridal shower cake klA few of the details we will work out with you include the cake’s flavor, color and size. Some of the many flavors of cakes we regularly bake include devil’s food, vanilla butter, and coffee, to name a few. If you don’t see the cake flavor you’re looking for on our Website, feel free to ask if we can bake a special cake for you. We like trying new things and being creative, so making a new cake flavor or trying a different decorating style is never off the table at Cake Saloon.

As far as the color of your bridal shower cake, you may want to match the cake or icing to the future bride’s wedding colors. For instance, if the bridesmaids are to wear pale green, you might want to order a cake with light green frosting, so a dark chocolate cake with green, mint flavored frosting might be an ideal cake for the job. Another way to theme your cake is with flowers. Ask the bride-to-be what flowers she will have in her bouquet, and we can recreate them in icing for the shower cake.




bridal shower cake kl

Serving Size for Your Guest

When it comes to the size of your cake, that all depends on the number of guests you expect at the bridal shower. Maybe you are hoping for a full sized cake with several tiers, or perhaps you would rather order several dozen cupcakes. Whatever you decide, don’t forget you’ll want there to be leftovers, because our cake is too tasty to go for the bare minimum. Whether you need cake to serve ten or fifty, we can accommodate just about any request. Alternatively, if you prefer a smaller type of dessert we have also cupcakes with a bridal theme. Come see our portfolio of cakes and cupcakes!

Aside from flavor, color and size, we’ll also need to know how you want your bridal shower cake decorated. Some people prefer simple and elegant cakes with neutral colors or simple flowers, while others like to go all out with bold colors, piped icing designs or humorous cake toppers. Just about anything can be put on a cake, so no matter your style or interests, let us know what you have in mind and we will put our imaginations to work.

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