Baby Shower Cupcakes Malaysia


Baby Shower Cupcakes Malaysia

Celebrate your pregnancy with high-quality baby shower cupcakes. You want all of your baby shower guests to leave with a “a flavorful taste in their mouth.” We, at Cake Saloon, are the bespoke cake specialists, who add a loving touch to all the cupcakes we create.

High Quality Ingredients for Great Baby Shower CupcakesBaby Shower Cupcakes Malaysia

Bringing a new life into the world is a truly blessed celebration. You want to share your happiness with all of your closest friends and family members. As host, you want to create the most welcoming environment for your friends and baby. As you joke around and open up gifts, your guests will naturally build up an appetite. Surely, they deserve the best. Reward your guests with mouth-watering treats. Tasty desserts can create a memorable occasion for all.

With high-quality bespoke baby shower cupcakes, you demonstrate your commitment to excellence. You want to roll out the “red carpet” for your guests. Don’t forget you are eating for two.

Boy or Girl?

Our Cake Saloon bakers will make bespoke cupcakes to your exact specifications. Our Cake Saloon treats not only look good, but taste great as well! We create culinary works of art.You could use different color codes for a boy or girl. You might want to use a special color or theme to generate good fortune. Display your creativity during this exciting time.Together, we will discuss your requirements. Make your ingredient selections and leave the rest to us. We aim to please. Simply, plan your baby shower, knowing full well that your cupcakes will surely delight.

 Price for Baby Shower Cupcakes

Our fondant baby shower cupcakes – bake with only the best ingredients (we do not use margarine, veg shortening, emulsifier, sodium benzoate & artificial preservatives) are priced at RM11-RM15 per piece depending on design complexity ( Min 9 pieces).

Looks Great

Our Kuala Lumpur cake designers will make sure that your special day has a unique set of cupcakes. Discuss which high-quality ingredients you want on your cupcakes. Cake Saloon creates true masterpieces that you will want to frame on your wall. Take plenty of pictures. These luxury pastries will look great among all of your other fare. You can share your baby shower cupcakes on social media and create a page dedicated to your pride and joy.



Tastes Great  baby shower cupcakes malaysia

Let’s be honest, the tastiest ingredients are found in diverse locations all around the world. That is why, at Cake Saloon, nearly 70% of our ingredients are from international sources. Choose the best Belgium dark chocolate, salted caramel buttercream or vanilla that money can buy. We even offer a special salted egg filling for those who want the richest flavor experience.

You will only get healthy, tasty appetizing morsels for your valuable baby shower guests. Celebrate your special time with our special Cake Saloon baby shower cupcakes.

Enjoy the tastiest, prettiest cupcakes (using high-quality international ingredients) for your baby shower. We offer the finest custom-made cake services around. Make your event memorable. So contact us, pick out your ingredients and Bon Appetit!




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