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Are you hosting a baby shower party and you would love to have a baby shower cake for this great occasion? Well, why not? Baby showers are big parties just like other parties and should be celebrated in the right way too. But, you need a cake that suits your theme of the day. You require a quality cake that will leave everyone begging for more. Where can you get such a cake?

Carefully Selected Ingredients 

The number one place to find a perfectly baked and quality baby shower cake is at the Cake Saloon. Cake Saloon is based in Kuala Lumpur and was established in 2015. We will provide you with the cake of your dreams as long as you give us your specifications. Each cake we make is created using our unique ingredients and is designed to make your party a success.

We carefully select all the ingredients that we use in making the cakes because we don’t compromise on the quality of our end product. We only use ingredients of the highest quality as per the availability. About 70% of the ingredients we use are sourced internationally so as to give you a custom made baby shower cake with the best flavor. We make sure that our cakes are moist enough but not very wet, have good texture, have consistent color, have the right odor and that its firm in the middle.

baby shower cake

We Take Care and Pride in Creating the Best Baby Shower Cake

Since everyone has different expectations and ideas of cake, we will chat with you to find out your color schemes and preferences so that we can make your cake ideas become a reality. At Cake Saloon, we take great pride in each and every last detail of your cake and our friendly and professional team is always on hand to make sure that your cake becomes the perfect addition to your special occasion.

In case you require other additions to the baby shower cake like cupcakes, cookies or custom chocolates; we can make them for you. The cupcakes and cookies can also be designed as per your specifications, and we guarantee that your guests will congratulate you on your choice.

Our services are not limited to baby shower cakes. We make quality cakes for other occasions like:

Birthday parties
• Corporate events
Wedding parties
Baby full moon parties

Consider giving us an opportunity to be part of that special day in your life and we will provide you with a wide selection of baked goods. Our products will leave your taste buds desiring for more.

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