21st Birthday Cake Malaysia

A person’s 21st birthday counts as one of the big milestones in his or her life. As such, we get many requests for a 21st birthday cake to celebrate this occasion. As you look through our stock, you’ll see why we’re known for bespoke cakes and cupcakes.

21st birthday cake

Each sweet that we make is made to fit the celebration. Read on to get an idea about the kinds of bespoke cakes and cupcakes we can make for you.


A Fancy Twenty-First Birthday Cake21st birthday malaysia

For the woman who loves roses, we recommend cakes or cupcakes, decorated with beautiful roses and sweet frosting. This 21st birthday cake not only looks lovely, it’s an excellent cake to serve when family will come. We can do many bespoke styles for a more formal cake such as this.

You may want to try color combinations like chocolate-brown frosting on the base cake with pink flowers on top. Or maybe you’ll have all pink flowers. Or maybe you’ll have cupcakes topped with sweet pink roses with a tasty dark chocolate cake underneath. Look through our photos or bring in ideas of your own.

Our Ingredients

We make cakes and cupcakes for all sorts of special occasions, from Mother’s Day to cakes for a 21st birthday. We use only quality ingredients, 70% of which are internationally sourced, giving our cupcakes and cakes a unique flavor that’s right for any occasion. Our cupcakes and cakes come with our special Cake Saloon frosting in buttercream and chocolate ganache. Yum!

Cake With a Little Candy

Or what if your son wants a 21st birthday cake that includes plenty of chocolate plus caramel and some chocolate candy toppers? We carry a wide variety of toppings, allowing you to satisfy your sweet tooth and get creative at the same time.


Some popular candy combinations fo21st birthday KLr this type of bespoke cake and cupcake include wafer cookies, pretzels, chocolate curls, and nuts. We can also include action-figure cake toppers. Be sure to ask!


Getting Enough Sweets for Your Celebration

If you’re afraid that a single birthday cake won’t be enough, talk with us about making your special cake plus some matching cupcakes. We can also create bespoke cookies or a dessert table or candy buffet.


Ordering Your Special Cakes and Cupcakes

Your first step is working with us to design your cakes or cupcakes. You’ll get a consultation with us, where we can discuss the ideas for your birthday cake. If necessary, we’ll discuss the types of ingredients you may want, any extra items like cupcakes you may need, and a time frame for the completion of your cakes and cupcakes. Finally, we’ll give you a cake topper made just for you plus a firework candle and a greeting card to make your celebration complete.

Our goal is not to just create a cake, but to create a memory for your special day. Our cakes are delicious down to the very last bite and come beautifully packed in a pretty box!

We offer both delivery and pick up. Cakes start from RM 195 onwards.

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